Friday, September 9, 2011

Defending Against The Evil Bunny Attack

I love playtime! My sisfur and I mostly play tag together, unless sisfur does the Evil Bunny Attack! Creepy, isn't it?

When you see one of these coming, you should run and hide.

Hide up high because Evil Bunnies jump but they don't climb, partly because they have had a femoral head osteotomy, which is another story. Once you're in a safe, high place, wait until the Evil Bunny comes close and...

Pounce! Pounce faster than the speed of light! Pounce faster than momma's camera!

Don't worry, she'll still love you, because that's what brofurs are for.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Designated Daddy Ear

It's like a sunflower always turning toward the sun. Sure, I'll snuggle momma on The Bed. I will encourage the small peoples to actually put some clothes on. I will eat, I will patrol the ranch, and I will even put the bitey on my sisfur (in a nice way). But no matter what, one ear is pointed at Dr.Rob...through walls, trees, chicken coops, and cars, it will sense the moment that those wonderful words are spoken: "Let's go!"

That's because I know what Let's go really means. It means I love you, I would miss you if you stayed home, work is more fun with you, and no one would know what to do if you weren't there to comment. I'm needed, I'm loved. *wags* Doggy heaven.