Monday, February 1, 2010

Nemesis: The Nasty Orange Cat

Although I don't like to talk about it, I am not the only four-legged employee at Big Sky Pet Center. There is a nasty orange cat who lives here, too. His name is Sky. He lives at work all the time, and at night he stays in the cat condos with our kitty guests. He can't have free run of the clinic at night because he would set off the alarms. He's been known to escape and do that anyway, because that's what kind of cat he is.

The nasty orange cat thinks he is pretty cute. He jumps up on the desk to greet the peoples who come to work, and he acts nice and friendly. I know better. First, let me point out the nice leather chairs in the lobby. Okay...they used to be nice. Now they are scratching posts, because the two floor-to-ceiling scratching post/condos weren't enough for him.

Then there's the smell. Oh, yeah, the peoples bleached it all away, but I know he peed outside of the litter box. That's right...he marked MY territory. Mine. Where I work. Did I mention it is mine?

Worst of all, he taunts me. He says nasty kitty things like "Hssssss" and "Grrrr" to me. So I say things like "I'm gonna eat you" to him. The conversations don't seem to progress very well after that.

I am a dog who loves everyone...except the nasty orange cat. I love all the four, two, and even a few three-legged critters that come to the hospital, but the nasty orange cat is the exception. The problem is, Dr. Rob loves cats, and so do the nurses...and the NOC has them all fooled.

Because I am a Bigger Dog than him, I continue to diligently and cheerfully perform my tasks. And that "Cat For Sale" sign in the entryway? I had nothing to do with it.